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Animal Training Applications in Zoo & Aquarium Settings - 2019

September 23 - 28, 2019

Animal Training Applications provides zoo and aquarium staff with a background in training theory and an understanding of the skills necessary to train animals. It includes a historical perspective of animal training as well as terminology and an overview of training techniques.

Managing Animal Enrichment & Training Programs - 2019

September 23 - 28, 2019

Managing Animal Enrichment and Training Programs provides students with the tools and skills needed to set up and manage a successful enrichment and training program that meets AZA accreditation standards. This course focuses on developing the components of a successful program and learning the leadership skills needed to successfully implement that program.

Principles of Elephant Management II - 2019

October 28 - 31, 2019

Principles of Elephant Management II focuses on the skills necessary to safely accomplish all of the AZA-required elephant behavioral components. Live training demonstrations and hands-on experiences will be utilized to combine the teaching of advanced elephant principles with best occupational safety practices.

Principles of Program Animal Management - 2019

November 11 - 16, 2019

This course exposes students to the range of opportunities for program animal use and provides students with the knowledge to effectively develop and manage formalized programs utilizing animal ambassadors. By focusing on a range of methods, rather a single "recommended" approach, students will be better prepared to develop an approach that fits their institution's mission and philosophy.