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Animal Program | Felid TAG

Program Type: TAG

Taxon: Mammal


Associated TAG: Felid TAG

Program Leader: Mr. Donald Goff

Common Name Scientific Name
Bobcat  Lynx rufus 
Caracal  Caracal caracal 
Cat, Black-Footed  Felis nigripes 
Cat, Fishing  Prionailurus viverrinus 
Cat, Pallas's  Otocolobus manul 
Cat, Sand  Felis margarita 
Cheetah  Acinonyx jubatus 
Jaguar  Panthera onca 
Leopard, Amur  Panthera pardus orientalis 
Leopard, Clouded  Neofelis nebulosa 

Related Individuals - Program Officers
Individual Organization Role
Mr. Donald Goff  Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo  Program Leader 
Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson  San Francisco Zoological Gardens  Secretary 
Dr. Cheryl Morris  Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium  Vice Program Leader 
Mr. Daniel Dembiec  Memphis Zoo  Treasurer 

Related Individuals - Program Advisors
Individual Organization Role
Dr. Ellen Bronson  The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore  Veterinary 
Mr. Jason Herrick  Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium  Reproduction 
Dr. William Swanson, PhD, DVM  Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden  Reproduction 
Dr. Michael Kinsel  University of Illinois  Pathology 
Dr. Karen Terio, DVM  University of Illinois - Zoological Pathology Prgm  Pathology 
Dr. Katherine Rose Kerr  San Diego Zoo  Nutrition 
Dr. Cheryl Morris  Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium  Nutrition 
Leslie Lyons  University of Missouri  Genetics 
Kathy Traylor-Holzer  Conservation Planning Specialist Group  Other 
Ms. Amanda Ista  Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens  Other