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Upcoming Events

Animal Training Applications in Zoo & Aquarium Settings - 2016
Date: September 25 — 30, 2016
Location: Denver Zoo
Description: Animal Training Applications provides zoo and aquarium staff with a background in training theory and an understanding of the skills necessary to train animals. It includes a historical perspective of animal training as well as terminology and an overview of training techniques.

Managing Animal Enrichment & Training Programs - 2016
Date: September 25 — 30, 2016
Location: Denver Zoo
Description: Managing Animal Enrichment and Training Programs provides students with the tools and skills needed to set up and manage a successful enrichment and training program that meets AZA accreditation standards. This course focuses on developing the components of a successful program and learning the leadership skills needed to successfully implement that program.

Principles of Elephant Management II - 2016
Date: October 25 — 28, 2016
Location: Houston Zoo, Inc.
Description: Principles of Elephant Management II focuses on the skills necessary to safely accomplish all of the AZA-required elephant behavioral components. Live training demonstrations and hands-on experiences will be utilized to combine the teaching of advanced elephant principles with best occupational safety practices.

Population Management I: Data Acquisition and Processing - 2016
Date: November 14 — 19, 2016
Location: Crowne Plaza Clayton
Description: This course teaches critical skills needed to create a population database for a single zoo or aquarium population. Students learn to handle unique data entry situations and to adapt to changing software.