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Animal Training Applications in Zoo & Aquarium Settings - 2023
Date: October 7 — 12, 2023
Location: Natural Encounters, Inc.
Description: Animal Training Applications provides zoo and aquarium staff with a background in training theory and an understanding of the skills necessary to train animals. It includes a historical perspective of animal training as well as terminology and an overview of training techniques.

Managing Animal Enrichment and Training Programs - 2023
Date: October 7 — 12, 2023
Location: Natural Encounters, Inc.
Description: Managing Animal Enrichment and Training Programs provides students with the tools and skills needed to set up and manage a successful enrichment and training program that meets AZA accreditation standards. While some time will be spent on the concepts of training and enrichment, this course is not a workshop to develop enrichment ideas or learn animal training skills.

Principles of Elephant Management II - 2023
Date: October 16 — 19, 2023
Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom
Description: Principles of Elephant Management II focuses on the skills necessary to safely accomplish all of the AZA-required elephant behavioral components. Live training demonstrations and hands-on experiences will be utilized to combine the teaching of advanced elephant principles with best occupational safety practices.

Animal Welfare: Evidence-Based Management - 2023
Date: October 22 — 27, 2023
Location: Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo
Description: Animal Welfare: Evidence-Based Management is a facility-based course that includes hands-on experience learning about the science of animal welfare and the application of skills and knowledge for an evidence-based animal welfare management program. This course helps participants builds the skills necessary to implement an evidence-based management program to ensure high levels of animal welfare.

Effective Leadership: Foundation & Development - Fall 2023
Date: November 6 — 11, 2023
Location: Birmingham Zoo
Description: Effective Leadership: Foundation & Development examines management disciplines with emphasis on their application to zoos and aquariums. Participants will receive practical tools and skills to take back to their institutions to apply at their level, including an increased network of resources and heightened leadership skills.