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Animal Program | Deer (Cervid/Tragulid) TAG

Program Type: TAG

Taxon: Mammal

Website: http://www.azaungulates.org

Associated TAG: Deer (Cervid/Tragulid) TAG

Program Leader: Michelle Hatwood

Common Name Scientific Name
Barasingha  Rucervus duvaucelii 
Chevrotain, Greater Malayan  Tragulus napu 
Deer, Eld's  Cervus eldii thamin 
Deer, Mexican Red Brocket  Mazama temama 
Deer, Pere David's  Elaphurus davidianus 
Deer, Western Tufted  Elaphodus cephalophus 
Deer, White-Lipped  Cervus albirostris 
Moose  Alces alces 
Pudu, Chilean  Pudu puda 

Related Individuals - Program Officers
Individual Organization Role
Michelle Hatwood  Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species  Program Leader 
Stephen Castillo  Disney's Animal Kingdom  Vice Program Leader 

Related Individuals - Program Advisors
Individual Organization Role
Dr. Steven Monfort, PhD, DVM  Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute  Research 
Dr. Tracy Clippinger, DVM  Smithsonian National Zoological Park  Veterinary 
Kevin Willis  Minnesota Zoological Garden  Population Management 
Jaap Wensvoort  Toronto Zoo  Education 
Brian Ogle    Education