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Animal Program | Wild Pig, Peccary and Hippo TAG

Program Type: TAG

Taxon: Mammal


Associated TAG: Wild Pig, Peccary and Hippo TAG

Program Leader: Martin Ramirez, Jr.

Common Name Scientific Name
Babirusa  Babyrousa celebensis 
Hippopotamus, Pygmy  Choeropsis liberiensis 
Hippopotamus, River  Hippopotamus amphibius amphibius 
Hog, Red River  Potamochoerus porcus 
Peccary, Chacoan  Catagonus wagneri 
Pig, Visayan Warty  Sus cebifrons 
Warthog, Common  Phacochoerus africanus 

Related Individuals - Program Officers
Individual Organization Role
Ms. Dawn Petefish  Peoria Zoo  Secretary 
Martin Ramirez, Jr.  Woodland Park Zoo  Program Leader 

Related Individuals - Program Advisors
Individual Organization Role
Dr. Catharine Wheaton  Disney's Animal Kingdom  Endocrine 
Dr. Ellen Dierenfeld  Zootrition Software  Nutrition 
Annie Newell-Fugate  Texas A&M College of Vet Medicine  Reproduction 
Dr. Cora Singleton  San Diego Zoo  Veterinary