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Animal Program | Turaco and Cuckoo TAG

Program Type: TAG

Taxon: Bird


Associated TAG: Turaco and Cuckoo TAG

Program Leader: Scott Newland

Common Name Scientific Name
Coua, Crested  Coua cristata 
Roadrunner, Greater  Geococcyx californianus 
Turaco, Great Blue  Corythaeola cristata 
Turaco, Lady Ross'  Musophaga rossae 
Turaco, Red-Crested  Tauraco erythrolophus 
Turaco, Violaceous  Musophaga violacea 
Turaco, White-Cheeked  Tauraco leucotis 

Related Individuals - Program Officers
Individual Organization Role
Laura Wittish  Busch Gardens Tampa Bay  Secretary 
Scott Newland  Sedgwick County Zoo  Program Leader 

Related Individuals - Program Advisors
Individual Organization Role
Harald Schmidt  Royal Rotterdam Zoo  Other 
Dr. Maryanne Tocidlowski, DVM  Houston Zoo, Inc.  Veterinary